Not Paint by Numbers

I had an interesting conversation with someone who was checking out my work during a “Meet the Artist” event in town last week. It is not the first time I have been asked if I am working with a “paint by number” illustration or just coloring someone’s drawing from a coloring book since “adult coloring books” are all the rage these days. I create my illustrations from ideas I have seen on the internet or a word someone may have mentioned such as a “tugboat” or “dirty laundry” or events that have happened in the past such as a squirrel hiding sunflower seeds in my gardening boots or the sheep getting into the cornfield when we had a hobby farm. So many triggers can inspire my next illustration but ultimately they are a combination of ideas that come into my head that I put into a piece of “happy” art. They do not always work out and those I save to remind me not to try this or that again. I start with an idea, rough it out in pencil, fine tune it in ink and then comes the color which I love. Each illustration takes me from 15-20 hours to complete and then comes the scanning, making cards, prints and more. I have just updated my gallery to include the last few illustrations.

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