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"You Are Never Too Old To Learn Something New"

"The Quilted Sunflowers"

Sublimation Puzzle 8x11 - 120 Pieces

I would never have thought that at the age of 75, I would be learning new exciting procedures for things I normally have someone else do for me. After a busy month in December, January should have been a time to unwind, but instead I decided it was time to try something new in my "happy art" studio. A good printer and calendar program now enables me to create my own coloring books and calendars. Next I was interested in learning more about sublimation printing and after spending many, many hours watching and learning about it from YouTube videos, I decided I wanted to create my own puzzles and more from my illustrations. After reviewing the products I would need, I decided on a sublimation printer and heat press along with sublimation inks and paper. Next came ordering puzzle blanks since that was the first thing I wanted to try. Once I set up the image, the printer and the heat press, it was time to create the first puzzle. It was so exciting to take that first puzzle off the press and still amazes me that I can actually do this at home. They are turning out perfectly and some have already been sent on their way to family, friends, and customers. Had such fun showing the whole process to a friend today and she went home with a perfect puzzle and a big smile on her face. Definitely a great gift idea. If you are interested in a puzzle of one of my whimsical illustrations, a puzzle option has been added to the website under the following link.

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