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                                    Happy Art Shop

Nancy Vince is a whimsical artist in Coldstream, BC.  Her art is available on greeting cards, puzzles, open edition prints, coloring books, calendars, fabrics, mugs and childrens' books. 

Below is a sample of the greeting card which is blank inside and comes with an envelope. Puzzles are 8x10 or 11 with 100 to 120 pieces, boxed and pieces in a sealed bag. Prints are all in clear sleeves and can be either a 5x7 print in an 8x10 mat, or an 8x12 print in an11x14 mat.  All prints are created on HD metal in a heat press here in my studio.

Originals are created on 5×7, 6x8 or 8×12 illustration paper.  Depending on the size of the original illustration some work can be enlarged to 12x18, 16x24 and 24x36 but these would be on photo paper created outside the studio. These are not listed on the site and if interested in a larger print, please connect via the contact form. Finished illustrations are scanned before adding color and the black and white images are used to create coloring books. 

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