"The Quilted Sunflowers"

Sublimation Puzzle 8x11 - 120 Pieces

I would never have thought that at the age of 75, I would be learning new exciting procedures for things I normally have someone else do for me. After a busy month in December, January should have been a time to unwind, but instead I decided it was time to try something new in my "happy art" studio. A good printer and calendar program now enables me to create my own coloring books and calendars. Next I was interested in learning more about sublimation printing and after spending many, many hours watching and learning about it from YouTube videos, I decided I wanted to create my own puzzles and more from my illustrations. After reviewing the products I would need, I decided on a sublimation printer and heat press along with sublimation inks and paper. Next came ordering puzzle blanks since that was the first thing I wanted to try. Once I set up the image, the printer and the heat press, it was time to create the first puzzle. It was so exciting to take that first puzzle off the press and still amazes me that I can actually do this at home. They are turning out perfectly and some have already been sent on their way to family, friends, and customers. Had such fun showing the whole process to a friend today and she went home with a perfect puzzle and a big smile on her face. Definitely a great gift idea. If you are interested in a puzzle of one of my whimsical illustrations, a puzzle option has been added to the website under the following link.

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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

So many people think of winter as dull and grey. But I see it full of color. Evergreens with a touch of snow, holly bushes with their beautiful red berries, snowmen and gnomes in colorful coats, painted birdhouses, bunnies, birds and yes, even ladybugs, as I do hear about it when they are missing in any illustration I create for my greeting cards. So here are some images of winter with all the colors I love. And because I can, I add whatever colors I like to the mountains, the starry skies and the baubles on the ground. Remember to look for the hidden in most of my illustrations. All cards are blank inside and ready for your very own special greeting. All online orders that qualify for free shipping received between now and December 24, 2021 will receive my 2022 calendar of monthly images.

These, and more, have all been made into winter themed greeting cards and are online and ready to be sent out. In addition to the online site, the Vernon Community Art Center Local Shopping Event of the year, "Artsolutely", opens on November 26th and will run until noon on Christmas Eve.

It is a wonderful show with at least 30 artisans [I'll be there with more than just cards] showing their artworks, pottery, felting, metalwork, glasswork, bookbinding and so much more. It is also a main fundraiser for the Art Center which is such a fabulous community gathering place for anyone interested in the art world. For those of you living in the Okanagan or visiting our area, be sure to stop by and check it out. The Vernon Community Art Center is on Hwy. 6 right behind the Science Centre in Polson Park. "Artsolutely" will be open 7 days a week, 9-7 Monday to Friday, Saturday, 9-5, Sundays, Noon-4pm and December 24th from 9am-1pm. Shopping local not only benefits the artists but in this case supports the Art Center as well.

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Life seems to slowly be moving towards a new and better year. With vaccines going into the arms of more and more people, mine included, the virus seems to be retreating and life is slowly getting back to some type of normal. To be grateful for art is an understatement for me. I certainly never thought I would ever call myself an artist but it becomes easier as more people tell me they love what I create. And to be able to create over the last year has certainly been a blessing. Every time my mind goes blank, I see something that forms the idea for a new illustration. The following started with "A Mushroom Forest" that inspired "A Flower Patch" which inspired "The Neighborhood". In addition to these three, here are a few more recent works.

After more than a year of mostly showing my art on "Social Media", it was great to display my work at Gallery Vertigo as April Artist of the Month. I loved being able to put up much of my recent work in one room and it gave me a sense of accomplishment to see over 100 of the smaller originals on the wall that were created after the time COVID shut so many venues down. Here is a small sample.

Stay tuned to more illustrations coming up for the Monashee Arts Council's July Show "People, Plants, and Pollinators". I have visions of bees, dandelions, and bee hives so I had better get busy. I am always looking for ideas. Sometimes a word, a picture, a thought, a story are all I need to create.

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"

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