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Charleston Charmers: A Miniature Symphony of Whimsical Homes

Once upon a sun-kissed morning, in the heart of a cobblestone street, there stood a row of houses so petite they could fit inside a daydream. These were no ordinary dwellings: they were Charleston Charmers, where magic and practicality waltzed hand in hand. And oh, the colors! Mint green, coral pink, and buttercup yellow - like a box of pastel crayons spilled across the sky. Look for all ten in this series of "charmers". A trip to South Carolina this year filled my head with inspiration to recreate some tiny homes I drew years ago. Friends who purchased these tiny homes said they reminded them of the many colorful homes of Charleston.


Check out the greeting card section on the site to see the rest of the "charmers". Such a fun project for me to create

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