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A New Year, New Art, New Adventures

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I find creating a new illustration is usually easier for me than writing a post.  I sat here for the last half hour trying to come up with a title and what to write about. It was hard, but then I thought, it is a new year, I am creating new art and I have new adventures coming up in 2018. I have created several new illustrations that I am now putting color to.  I usually carry my art bag with me and when I have time, I work on new pieces. I only need my pencil, pen and eraser when I am away and save the coloring process for when I am at home. I am also redoing several of my older illustrations on illustration board. My first work was all done on illustration paper and I now only work on board.  I like the firmness of it and have been testing my work to see how the alcohol ink illustrations stand up to light.  I find the board absorbs more ink and when a piece is finished I spray it with Kamar Varnish and then UV spray.  I left one illustration that was protected with UV spray in a window, half covered with paper, for over a year.  I recently lifted the paper and saw no change in the color of the two sides.  Alcohol ink art as with any fine art should not be hung in direct sunlight or under florescent lighting.  If I have the original framed, I have it framed with conservation glass. Now that I have taken the time to test my illustrations, I feel more confident displaying my original pieces in gallery shows.

My new adventures include being Artist of the Month in the Village Gallery in Lumby for the month of March and April.  I will be displaying my prints and giclees for that show.  I am then displaying my original artwork at Nadine’s Art Gallery for the month of May and I have just been informed that my proposal for an art show at the Armstrong Art Gallery was accepted and I will have a show there in September.  So busy times ahead but a good busy.  I love to create and come up with new ideas.  I also have a short You Tube video that was put out by Shaw Cable that shows the process I use to create my artwork.  I have included the link on my website under “Links”.  Many thanks to Patricia for interviewing me and making me feel comfortable.

I have taught a couple of “Happy Art” classes at the Vernon Community Art Centre and today was the first one for 2018.  It is fun to spend time with people who are interested in the type of artwork I do and I have the pleasure of working with seven lovely ladies for a couple more classes this month.  The next set of classes will be in April so if you are interested in taking a session, contact the art centre for more information and to sign up.

Artsolutely 2017 was a very successful event at our centre.  It is a major fundraiser for our art centre and it was fun to participate and meet all the artists and artisans that were there this year.  We are lucky to have such a wonderful centre here in Vernon and I have to say my life changed when I first walked through the doors four years ago.  I have met so many lovely people and am happy to be a part of a very lively art community.  If you live in the area and have never been there, check it out and see what it is all about.  Well, I did not think I had much to say but I guess I did so I am wishing you all a very happy January and a successful 2018.

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