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A Whimsical Journey - A Children's Book

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

This book is not only for children but also for the child in all of us. Over the last few years I have been asked many times if I had ever considered writing a children's book and my answer always was "I would love to, but a writer I am not. Having Laurel Ellen attend a "Happy Art" class I was teaching at the Vernon Community Art Center changed all that. Not that I suddenly learned how to write, but Laurel certainly can. She, and her gift of words became a gift to me. Well, the book has happened and Laurel has created the most delightful poetry to go along with my illustrations. Questions accompany each image that encourage children to study the images to see what they can find hidden in plain sight. Price of the book is $25 and postage $5. If you are interested in a book send me a message via my contact page.

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