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Armstrong Art Gallery Show – September 2018

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

One of my first illustrations with color was “Undersea Gardens”  I discovered the bright happy colors I was able to put down on paper and was excited with what I created.  But I remember showing it to an art teacher and her first question was “is it light fast”.

Light fast!! What did that mean! Well I looked into definitions and was disappointed to find out that what I was creating with alcohol inks was not.  But that was 3 years ago and I have done a lot of research and tests and have not let this stop me from what I am doing.  I continue to use my alcohol ink “blend able” Copic markers to create my “happy art”.  Once the black and white illustration is finished, it is scanned and saved for future coloring books.

Then the fun begins and the color is added.  Actually the fun begins when I sit down and begin to create what I visualize in my mind.  My sister recently sat down to color a piece in one of my coloring books and said she has a whole new insight into my busy mind. Once the illustration is finished with color, it is again scanned and sent off to different places to be made into fine art prints, prints on canvas and to the photo lab for prints for cards.

The originals are sprayed with varnish, then UV spray and framed under non-glare UV glass.  I have one original set aside that I sprayed only with UV spray. It has been in a window and half covered with paper for almost two years and to date no color loss.  So with the proper care I am comfortable that the images are protected from fading.  I have a great time coming up with new ideas for illustrations and love what I do.  I have my own show coming up at the Armstrong Art Gallery in Armstrong, BC for the month of September and am excited to show off my work.  I just finished this piece for the show {Hummer’s Heaven}. If you are in the Vernon-Armstrong neighborhood, the exhibits opening reception is on September 6 at 6pm. It is an open reception and everyone is welcome.

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