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Winter is Upon Us

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

We are making weather records here in the Okanagan. Record cold, record snow and it is only the 9th of November. So what better time to put up some winter scenes than now. We may as well get into the spirit so I am adding some cheery, happy, snowy, snowman pictures to hopefully bring a smile. One piece is called “Winter Wonderland” and one is called “Wish Upon a Star” which has a house in it exactly the color of the house we had when we lived on the coast in Maple Ridge. I was the neighborhood rebel and had our house painted turquoise. We built our house and were at the stage of painting the outside. When my husband and kids left for work and school, the painters had just arrived. They wanted to be sure that the color they were putting on was really what I wanted and of course I said yes. When the family got home, they all thought I had lost it. “What have you done” is what I was greeted with. But I told them not to worry, I had great plans for this place and the plan was to create an amazing garden. Which is exactly what I did. It has been featured in the Vancouver Sun, the Home and Garden Channel, and the magazines Gardens West and Canadian Gardening. So color has always played an important part in my life, both in the garden I created and now in my art. So here are the two winter pieces I just finished. I also just had the pleasure of being interviewed by Patricia Doyle for a Shaw Cable video which has just come out on You Tube in which I talked a little about our garden. Once I figure out how to link it to my webpage I will put it here but in the meantime you can check out You Tube, Artisans Alley, Episode 7-Nancy Vince. Not sure if that is enough information to get you there but I will figure this out and get it on my webpage. Hope you are all keeping warm. Happy November.

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