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Whimsical Artist

The Tale of Charleston Charmers: A Miniature Symphony of Whimsical Homes

Once upon a sun-kissed morning, in the heart of a cobblestone street, there stood a row of houses so petite they could fit inside a daydream. These were no ordinary dwellings; they were Charleston Charmers, where magic and practicality waltzed hand in hand. And oh, the colors! Mint green, coral pink, and buttercup yellow—like a box of pastel crayons spilled across the sky.  Look for all ten in this series of “charmers”.

A 2024 trip to South Carolina filled my head with inspiration to recreate some tiny homes I drew years ago. Friends who purchased these tiny homes said they reminded them of the many colorful homes of Charleston.

Charleston Charmer 10.jpg
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